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I want to tell you that it’s so important for the President to encourage the development of new communication technologies which are improving the lives of people with disabilities and other Americans. As a matter of fact, I’m using one of these technologies (HATIS®), which is a hearing aid device, and I put it behind my hearing aid so that I can hear you better, and it’s really neat, and I can talk to you right now, and everybody can hear it
"Miss America, Heather Whitestone, using the Fujitsu Persona and HATIS® while receiving a call from First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton september 13, 1995, Atlantic City, New Jersey
"HATIS® gives the hearing impaired community access to emergency communications and allows them to have the security and personal convenience that cellular users in the hearing community already have.
"Bill Ryan president and CEO, Palmer Wireless, Inc.
"As a military veteran with a 80% hearing impairment, I would like to call attention to a device I recently discovered. I believe the VA should emphasize its distribution and use throughout its hospitals and agencies. The device is the Hearing Aid Telephone Interconnect System. For the past twenty years, the VA has provided me with many devices that have worked marginally at best. Recently, I was introduced to HATIS®. It allows the hearing impaired and deaf to use telephones, TVs, stereos, computers or anything that emits electronic sound. At first I was skeptical, but when I tried it, I heard clearly for the first time in twenty years. Since then, I have retrofitted my telephone handset and am now able to carry on a legitimate conversation without any assistance or relay. My quality of life has improved tremendously and I can't tell you how much I look forward to retrofitting my television set

J.H. Major, USAF (RET)
"I want to update you on how the HATIS® cell phone system is working for me in Charlottesville. I've purchased the Micro Tec II phone to use with HATIS®. The match is perfect. Now, I don't worry about missing a call or getting caught in a bind without access to a telephone. As Vice President of the Charlottesville Men's Senior Baseball League, a Little League baseball coach, and a Cub Scout leader I virtually live on the road from one activity to another (not to mention frequent job-related day trips). In other words, I now have the same capability to use cell technology that everyone else does.Actually, using HATIS is an improvement in many ways over conventional cell phone use. Since I don't have to hold the phone next to my ear while driving, I have full vision while talking using HATIS. Because of the placement of the microphone, I can lay my cell phone across my lap when in use, which leaves both hands free. Hence, HATIS is quite safe and easy to use in traffic.

Finally, I'm not waiting for the next generation of assistive listening devices to surface, because HATIS is the next generation. When signal strength is average to strong, I have better reception than on many conventional telephone hand sets.In closing, HATIS has been a godsend. It's affordable, convenient, and works well--everything I could want in a product. Plus, it gives me (a hearing impaired person) the opportunity to make full use of the same cellular communication that the hearing world takes for granted. Thanks... You hit a home run this time."
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