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"The HATISĀ® device worked perfectly, no problems at all.

You don't know how neat something like this is until you lose your hearing."




"You tolerate hearing aids. Phone use is difficult. HATIS isn't".


"When hearing on the phone is not an option"


Durable, subtle, professional headsets. NO batteries, buttons, boxes, belts, dials, switches, chargers, neck loops or earache " aid compatible" erector sets. NO spotty FM, loose connections, buzzing, feedback or interference. Simple. Light. Elegant. Recommended by clinical audiologists, deaf organizations and government agencies. Made in the USA for cell, cordless, landline phones and internet telephony. 


          ( You must have a Teli-coil equipped hearing Aid(s) to work with our product)

Retired NASCAR Driver

Richard "The King" Petty

Very thin, very light

slides right beside your BTE

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